• Pros and Cons of MidJourney

    Posted by JayT. on March 10, 2023 at 6:54 am

    Midjourney might be viewed as a risk to the future employment chances of design students. However if used properly, it might be beneficial. Yet, in order to use this AI wisely in your practice, it is useful to be aware of its advantages and disadvantages. Thus, for design students, here are Midjourney’s six benefits and six drawbacks.


    1. Focus on aesthetics. If you manage to get past the trial version, you’ll notice a strong emphasis on the visual appeal of the image, which no other AI can match. Midjourney chooses creativity over a formality while considering complementing colors and dimensions. During its initial iteration, Midjourney has developed to produce art that is more like human creativity and less elaborate and alien-like.

    1. See the process. Even because Midjourney takes longer than other AI to construct an image, you may still watch the process in action. You can observe how the visuals combine as a result of your text request.

    You gain additional benefits as a design student than as a typical user:

    • observe how it modifies the forms and colors;

    • observe how your image changes as you try new things.

    As a result, you can watch how AI responds to your text prompt and attempt to understand how it thinks creatively.

    1. Quality pictures. The final image can have one of the greatest resolutions thanks to midjourney. Whereas others frequently stop at 1024 x 1024, it goes all the way up to the highest resolution. As a result, you can choose the variation produced by the program that has the highest quality image.


    1. More complicated access. To register for Midjourney, you have to pass through additional hurdles. Other text-to-image software is web programs that are open to anyone. Nonetheless, Midjourney makes use of the texting app Discord. Hence, you would have to sign up for Discord using an email address. You would then need to get used to having everything run through Discord. Also, it will take longer than simply looking for an AI and downloading an open-access website. If you’re not keen on joining up for social media that you use for just one thing, this option could be a major drawback.

    1. Chaos in the trial version. The trial version of Midjourney is one of its key drawbacks. Even though it has a good reputation for being user-friendly, the chatbot’s free trial version is a complete mess. This is primarily due to the fact that you are filling everyone else’s requests in the chat. As a result, you frequently see hundreds of messages and photos appearing on the screen.

    1. No edits. The absence of an edit option for the generated image is another drawback of Midjourney. You can only download it, that’s all.

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    Understanding both the pros and cons can make informed decisions about incorporating AI tools into your design workflow. Thanks for sharing!

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